Adrian Slider


Adrian worked for five years in the Atlanta area on projects including large-scale hospitality and mixed-use, and smaller projects such as a family-run charcuterie. He has moved to Pittsburgh to be closer to his family in West Virginia, and to enjoy living in the city that taught him to love cities.

Graduate Architect

Adrian Slider 412.391.2884 x 243


B.A. in Creative Writing
West Virginia University

University of Tennessee

People Would be Surprised to Find Out:

I go to DragonCon…and I cosplay

Favorite artistic medium

I have a deep love for pencil drawings, their simplicity and gesture

Most adventurous thing you’ve ever done

Toss-up; I jumped out of an airplane, and then I went to Hong Kong by myself for a week

Favorite construction material


My hopes for the field of architecture

I hope that we can adapt to the new social, environmental, and technological realities facing our profession in the 21st century, and seek out ways to apply our unique expertise in a more proactive leadership role


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