Francis Ikhalea


A native of Nigeria, Francis obtained his MArch from Morgan State in Baltimore in 2017. While in Baltimore he was heavily involved in the AIA and was awarded the AIA Student Design Award in 2014. When not practicing architecture, he also enjoys photography and graphic design.

Graduate Architect

Francis Ikhalea (E-CAR-LEE-AH) 412.391.2884 x 226


Morgan State University

People Would be Surprised to Find Out:

I can dance

If I could travel anywhere in the world, I would go to

Tulip fields in Lisse, Netherlands

In my refrigerator you’ll always find


My favorite part of the design process

Conceptual Design phase | Diagramming

My architectural philosophy

Less is a Bore – Rob Venturi; Less is more - Mies Van Der Rohe. Equilibrium is everything - Me


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