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Client: PA Dept. of General Services, Indiana University of Pennsylvania

Indiana University of Pennsylvania’s nationally regarded psychology department required comprehensive renovation of an existing three-level classroom building and a four-level addition, as well as construction of a new entry plaza and sidewalks. The addition gives the building a new front and forms a built edge on the north end of the campus oak grove. The thin rectangular volume provides a more prominent facade and better defines the edge of the grove, which is bordered on three sides by prominent campus structures. The building’s entrance is situated in a two-story lobby between the original structure and the addition. A bridge over the lobby connects the buildings at the second floor level.

Faculty and administration offices occupy the addition which acts as the “head” of the building, while classrooms, labs and clinical suites occupy the existing building. The first floor, which contains the largest rooms and weathers most of the student traffic, utilizes a traditional central corridor design, but the borrowed natural light from the adjacent rooms transforms it into an “internal street”.

The design is in alignment with the university’s planned growth pattern, which anticipates the diversion of Oakland Avenue from the campus, and the extension of the grove to the west with a second entrance on the west side of Uhler Hall to accommodate pedestrian traffic from both sides of the building.


34,000 s.f.

Construction Cost

$ 4,200,000

Firm Responsibility

Architectural Design
Contract Documents
Contract Administration

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