Nathan Liesch


Nathan has a B. Arch from Miami University and a M. Arch from the University of Cincinnati. Before joining PWWG, he was highly involved with residential design, allowing him to develop a love for detail and tectonics. In the fall he will be teaching first-year studio at the University of Cincinnati’s DAAP School of Architecture and Interior Design. As a designer he is an advocate for revolutionary and contemporary design that still maintains local vernacular typologies, methodologies, and materials.

Graduate Architect

Nathan Liesch 513.762.0289


B. Arch
Miami University

M. Arch
University of Cincinnati

People Would be Surprised to Find Out:

I spent 6 weeks in Ghana, Africa for a design+build studio

Favorite pizza topping


Favorite construction material


The best part of my job

Having an impact on the built environment, something that everyone interacts with


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